Jackie treated me for a range of symptoms across the physical, mental and spiritual. With her intuition she was able to trace symptoms to the root cause and treat the underlying issue. My physical symptoms lifted within a matter of days and the mental anguish faded shortly afterwards. Jackie is a natural energy healer who commits to her clients, I felt totally supported in her care. Jody Ackland


I regularly have sessions with Jackie just to keep a check on my general well-being. I can honestly say after each session I feel positively charged and spiritually serene. On a more practical level, it’s very interesting to find out which foods I should avoid and also how emotional unrest can effect the physical body. Jackie is highly knowledgeable in her field of expertise and naturally in tune with energy. I would recommend her to anyone. Kandy Hunter


 I have had a series of sessions with Jackie and have been impressed with how she has understood the emotional causes of the problems that I have presented her with; and how quickly my symptoms have disappeared. After each session I feel calm yet energised; and have been given simple exercises to do at home to manage my menopausal problems. It’s very empowering. Gillian Campbell

I had two sessions with Jackie to help me with my problems; I have a condition known as the Vaso Vagal response which was causing me to faint as often as once a week, and this was causing me great anxiety. She took some time to call me before the first one in order to understand my issues and be ready for the day of our appointment. Her energy medicine treatment worked well for me, and she gave me exercises to use at home which have helped me to control my vagus problems. Since these two sessions I have been feeling really great, I have not fainted since then and am feeling much calmer (I had the sessions in December and it is now March). I was really nervous before the session but I felt really confident with her because I could feel her good energy. Thank you again.” Romain Didaoui, France.