Energy Test K

Energy tests, using advanced kinesiology techniques, are used to diagnose where energy is not flowing as well in the body as they could be. Then simple techniques are used to bring these energies into balance, restore flow, and so health and harmony to the body.

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These techniques include:

  • tapping, massaging or connecting specific energy points on the body
  • tracing the hands along specific energy pathways
  • using exercises or postures designed for particular energetic effects
  • surrounding the area with healing energies

A full and detailed medical history is taken (confidential of course) as well as information about current health issues, so the treatment can be designed to fit the individual.  Your first consultation will by by phone, for about 20 minutes, and it will be free. The treatment sessions will assess and address the energies which are creating the imbalances in the energy body, and when these energies are re-balanced, the physical body returns to its natural state of health and vitality.


The client remains clothed throughout the treatment, and is then given simple, yet effective, exercises to do at home in order to maximise their healing potential. 

Treatments are either 60 or 90 minutes, and are at the Practice Rooms in Hove. 

In the treatments we work together on tracking your energies with the help of energy tests to find the imbalances in your energetic body that may cause your specific issues. We then work on those imbalances during the session and you will be taught exercises to work on yourself at home between sessions.

1 hour session – £50

90 minute session – £70

Buy five sessions get the sixth one free


New prices

1 hour – £40

90 minutes – £56

Contact me on 07968 780549 or at to book a session